Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Python Diary now supports +1

I am happy to announce that Python Diary now supports Google's +1 API for easily sharing blog posts with co-workers, friends, and of course family. As long as your signed into your Google account, you should be-able to +1 any blog post.

Other social features are in the works, they will be implemented on a basis on how slow they make the overall site experience. I want to add many new features, but would also like to keep the current usability standards I have set. I am planning on updating the commenting system to an AJAX system, so that comments will appear immediately. I would prefer not to rely on a 3rd party for comment rendering and posting, as this can slow down the overall site. I believe the web should be instant for all users.

On a side note, I have created a page for Python Diary on Google+, for those who want to a page they can like/+1 with their social profile.

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