Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Comments form source code released

Like I stated in the original post about the new type of forms, I was going to publish the source code for the forms. Well here it is, and how it works. It comes with a CommentsForm replacement along with a useable template tag for easy deployment or switch over from standard Django's comments framework.

antibot-forms — Bitbucket

Use at your own risk on production website. I am using it on PythonDiary here, but many users have since complained. Any input or updates to this code would be very nice. Feel free to fork it and make your own updates to improve the overall system. Perhaps with more people looking at the code, it can become something better. I am licensing it under the GNU/LGPL, so you can use it in your Django apps without having to open source your entire application, just the modifications to this form system.

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