Project Templates

Welcome to the all new Project Templates section of PythonDiary. In this section, you will find various project templates for many different Python packages. These are provided here as a quick way to get up and running in a given Python framework with minimal effort, so you can focus more on your application and not the set-up process.

At first, only Django project templates will be added, as this is what I use most.

Template NamePackage/FrameworkDate Added
Bootstrap DjangoDjangoDec. 9, 2012
Bootstrap Django and jQueryUIDjangoDec. 9, 2012
CMS-like websiteDjangoDec. 9, 2012
RedHat OpenShiftDjangoApril 2, 2013
Django Bootstrap themeDjangoMay 26, 2013
Django DevelopmentDjangoNov. 7, 2013
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