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  • Rackspace cloud: Initial Django setup using FastCGI

    Added on Sunday the 29th of January

    This video goes through getting Django up and running using FastCGI under nginx. It also briefly explains how to use python-setuptools and virtualenv to isolate the application during deployment.

  • Massive Python hosting with uWSGI: Preparation

    Added on Saturday the 27th of October

    Since I just completed my server migration, I combined 2 servers into a single server and used uWSGI to glue it all together. This tutorial explains how to get up and running with Django, however it can be applied to other frameworks which support WSGI with little to no effort.

  • Massive Python hosting with uWSGI: Django

    Added on Saturday the 27th of October

    In the previous tutorial, I explained how to prepare a server with uWSGI and Nginx to work with Massive Python application hosting. This tutorial continues this and explains how to configure this solution to work with various versions of Django.

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